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Boyer Ginori CPAs understands your business, your industry, and you

Boyer Ginori CPAs provides full-service high quality and cost-effective tax and financial management services. We empower our clients in West Palm Beach, & throughout South Florida and nationally to achieve their financial and business goals.

Our full-service CPA firm experience and insight help guide our clients in making smart decisions and meeting business goals while optimizing their bottom line.

We specialize in servicing the tax and accounting needs of businesses including in-house deep expertise in state and local tax matters.


We understand accounting and taxes. We recognize the unique daily challenges, such as planning, compliance, research, process optimization, audit, and integration of acquisitions that your business faces. Through our team’s extensive experience and local resources, we can continue to help you face the challenges and opportunities of today, along with those that will impact your operations tomorrow.


Our approach to accounting and tax engagements places a heavy emphasis on early analysis of the current processes and controls and identification of any issues. Once we obtain a thorough understanding of our clients’ process and controls and their objectives for the engagement, we develop best practice recommendations and implement best practices adopted by the client. We finish with development of any process improvement tools and documentation of the processes.

Our approach enables us to identify critical components of the project early, provide your staff with a better understanding of what assistance is expected of them, and tailor our procedures to the unique aspects of your established or new business. The benefit to you is a more efficient engagement, performed within your time requirements while minimizing disruptions to your staff’s daily work schedule.


Our Mission is to provide our clients with superior personalized tax, bookkeeping and consulting services by implementing practical solutions for our customers’ diverse needs. Growth depends upon providing clients financial fuel to push their thoughts, inspirations, and goals to profitable results.

  • Clients are the most important people in our tax and accounting firm.
  • Our clients aren’t dependent on us–we’re dependent on them.
  • Our clients don’t interrupt our work–they are the purpose of it.
  • Our clients do us a favor when they ask for our professional aid. We don’t do them a favor by serving them.
  • Our clients aren’t collections of documents and data– they’re human beings with emotions and feelings.
  • Our clients are the most important part of our business.
  • Our clients are kept informed of their taxation and accounting procedures and specialist services at each step of the way.
  • Our clients bring us their specialist needs–it is our professional responsibility to fulfill reasonable professional needs with compassion and professionalism.
  • Our clients are deserving of the most courteous and attentive professional service we could provide.
  • Our clients are the lifeblood of our livelihood, they’re the reason this company exists.